Audio Engineering and Sound production at the JMC Academy

Having escaped war & poverty in Guinea, West Africa, Cyrus found refuge in Australia to become homeless again at age 15. His passion for music was so strong that he pursued his career despite his circumstances, and is now performing live as well as encouraging the youth of today to never give up on their dreams.

Cyrus studied a Diploma of Audio Engineering and Sound production at JMC Academy. The most valuable thing he learned was how to operate lots of music software and hardware, which opened his mind to the knowledge of sound, how it moves, and how to control it.

He was inspired to make a career out of music as a way of dealing with the feelings he had about the death of his younger brother. He began writing poems, which he would then rap to people on buses and trains. From there, he realised that his music inspired people, and started to see himself not just as a musician, but also as a role model and mentor.

When he found himself homeless at age 15, he felt unstable, broken and alone as he didn't have a place to sleep or produce music. But he never gave up, and as a result of his perseverance, he has now reached a point where he is performing live music, as well as speaking at events to help young people learn from his journey. He recently spoke at the Australian Teenage Expo about the limitless possibilities that can be achieved when you put your mind to something.

He has also recently collaborated with Frank Dixon, on a track called 'Gold'. This track is especially meaningful to him because he feels it relates to his life and what he's been through. The song talks about knowing that you're unique and beautiful in your own way, and that's something he wants young people to understand.

The advice he would give to someone wanting to pursue a career in music? ''Never give up, always believe in yourself because if you don't, no-one will believe in you. Be unique and graceful and humble. Grasp every opportunity you have and put your mind to it.''

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