Film and Television at the JMC Academy

Cameron Webley completed his Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television) in June 2014. Just 2 months later, he is loving his job at MTV Australia. He spends 2-3 days a week as a member of the Digital Production team, shooting weekly news, artist interviews, editing web content, script writing and sourcing music videos. He has interviewed famous artists like The Presets, The Madden Brothers and 360.

The rest of the time he is freelancing and has worked on shows like The X-Factor, Australia's Got Talent, The Voice, and the Australian Recording Industry Awards. He enjoys the flexibility and the breadth of experience he gets from working on so many different projects.

As a freelancer, he could be doing any number of things, including camera assistant, camera operator, stedi-cam assistant, producers assistant, editor and floor manager. Cameron says, 'Those one-off projects & gigs are usually a lot of fun and can have you anywhere doing who knows what! Right now, I will take whatever opportunities I can get that will further my career.”

While he learned a lot of incredibly valuable technical and creative skills during his studies at JMC Academy, it was also things he learned outside the classroom from the lecturers and industry professionals that he deems most valuable. In particular, he credits his lecturer Deborah Klika who helped students to keep a level head, evaluate what they wanted to do and reach their career goals.

His advice to students aspiring to a career in the industry? “Networking, networking, networking. I can’t stress that enough.” He credits his unpaid jobs to meeting the people and being led to the opportunities he has now, that pay well. “Once you meet a few people and show them you’re eager, they will take you on board and the work will come.”

On a final note, he says “I think it is important to not lock yourself into one creative avenue or goal. The creative industries are vast and always overlapping, so keep relevant and keep open minded to try new things.”

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